about us

Verve Compusoft Pvt Ltd a company started in 2009 has won the advertising rights inside the BEST buses. It has installed 2 screens, technology like GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, Cameras, PIS system inside the BEST buses.

  • PIS benefits a lot of passengers by giving information about the next coming stop & announces it inside the bus.
  • In addition to the Passenger Information System, we also own the responsibility of the Surveillance system in the BEST buses, the life line of Mumbai. It helps resolve theft cases inside the buses and ensures safety of commuters. More than 100 cases of thefts have been solved inside the buses.
  • A lot of informative content is also been transferred to the commuters through the Bluetooth facility installed in the buses. Bus routes, logos, rail routes etc are to name a few.
  • We provide a visual and interactive Transit Entertainment Service which is being watched by millions of passengers travelling in BEST buses. A unique and very effective way of enhancing brand awareness which helps create brand loyalty and reach a wide audience. It aims at targeting the masses at all times.